Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stupid I took loads of time to thank!!


Hello!! Bloggers friend Suresh Shrestha
(Owner of in your footsteps and waving feelings)
I m so thankful for ur statements:
Here are you bloggers with your blogs that have charmed me!!” After reading this statement my expressions were Wooh!!! Me mean my blog is it really true.. 
I m stealing ur lines as my expressions r exactly same…. No doubt your Stylish Blogger Award gift is really winsome!!Overwhelmed with joys, I have felt friendship the greatest and nothing else!!!

I’m not very quick to express (Reasoned in Seven random facts of mine #2) thanx for making time so beautiful..
For sure it’s all my pleasure to accept this beautiful gift from wonderful soul like u!!!!

As one of the terms or rules, I have tried to share 
SEVEN RANDOM FACTS about myself. 
Here they are:

1.     I always have a feeling of blessed and so I love to be myself.

2.     I m very expressive which makes me bad listener many of the times and I m bad expressive when time comes to express love to beloved people(sad me L)

3.     I m dam confident about the thing “Whatever happens always happens for best for the running situation to be welcomed in past” and so never think about what will happen.

4.     I know many things r been proved of being living but I m quite emotional fool who loves to be unknown sometimes for the reason of living.  I believe in spirituality I strongly believe god given me this beautiful life and so I try all my level best to be happy so that all mighty must be satisfied on the decision taken by themselves.

5.     Many of the time I m bit busy in stuff called job which helps me to enjoy life or else spending time with lovely souls surrounding me then too without forgetting I take out some time to sit idle n have conversation with self(I know sounds insane) but I do this for myself.

6.     I hate abusing anyone whether mistaken is been committed or not because I believe I m not the perfect so how can I ask someone else to be.

7.     I love to be honest, transparent and straight but some time I avoid just because happiness matters more ,I hate but couldn’t solve it so conclude whatever happening is not in my hand God want it to happen n leave it J.  

As per another condition:
Here are you bloggers with your blogs which I loved always to read with respect of ur expressions!!

Now let me offer you all CONGRATULATIONS and request you to have a post with the award presented above and take some pains in writing 7 random facts about yourselves and pass the AWARD to other bloggers who you believe deserve it.

Friday, May 6, 2011


We compare many things in our life without our own knowledge!!!  We do this so often unknowingly n actually this unknown mistake makes us sad many times, which in true sense we don’t deserve!!!! I would like to share some of d experiences of mine which I faced in days!!!!

I was in my college n was not carrying cell phone(actually I don’t have it) all other friends of mine use to go on talking on their cell phones n were updated with recent gossips that’s the only advantage they were having compare to me. My father one’s asked me whether I want cell I refused him n told loads of disadvantages regarding to it but the time I started comparing myself with my friends I felled I m not that happy as themselves!!!! Which actually hurt me or can say harmed me… it was nothing like that I was actually good at my work but “Comparison” made me to think like an idiot!!!! (Cell phones do have many advantages I know but it was regarding d use my classmates use to make).

My friend recently got engaged n as a trend generation made it now to talk on phones for juss random period of time my friend also thought to have this period but his fiancĂ© is less talkative or he muss not be convenient talking on phones my friend feel sad about it!!! Thinking on true side she don’t have any problem she knows it’s due to human pursuing his/her own behavior but “Comparison” with people around her she thinks she is not that lucky n feels sad which she don’t deserve to!!!!!!

My students don’t pursue their work juss because some other students as well not pursuing it, which actually make them shameful in front of their tutor because they r good at their work they know but “Comparison” makes or lets them down!!! (Don’t mess Comparison with Competition).

I know it’s been difficult for not allowing self to compare but we can try an avoid doing it as comparison always n always results into sadness!!!!
Can avoid juss compare with self instead of other!!!! 
Always keep an attitude like "Everybody is best and i m one of them" !!!!!!

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The last to bear it all....

Here is mine another beautiful experience:
I am moving from my old place to another lovely place that’s at my parent’s house to spend some more beautiful time together. My all stranger relatives gave me a lovely farewell (will posts snaps soon). Actually I had wonderful souls around me and for sure gona miss them a lot. It’s not like v won’t have any touch but the time will be in limits for being together. Here my post is to share with u guys on bloggers the beautiful saying of my beloved stranger “All of us will die; to reckon from the past, this flesh n blood is unforgiving. What’s hard is that just one of us will be the last to bear it all and go on living!!!” She makes it so clear for us how much we all mean to us in our life just unknowingly. We been stranger once now became the best wishers of each other n now it’s a pain for moving leaving each other. The one who will be at the same place till last gona miss all those beautiful moments spend together n bear the pain of being lonely without the knowledge of people who leaved him/her on that position n the best part is that the person suffering will never ever complain of being lonely b’coz of being happy with those beautiful memories he/she had been left with. 

Truly it’s a blessing for living beings given by almighty in terms of this stranger relation.