Saturday, January 1, 2011

Friends Forever

We inherit our relations or relatives by birth; friends we earn by choice, may be the very reason a handful of friends count much more than a thousand relatives. such is the value of true friends that somebody once remarked ” Love is rather than genius itself and Friendship, rather than love”.
    An ear  to listen, a voice to comfort, a bond to cherish, a shoulder for support. A relation that knows no boundaries, one that supersedes all dissimilarities. That’s what friendship is all about. No matter how different their choices, or simply how different their identities, true friends will always be friends forever.
    Today as we look back upon this wonderful relationship, glimpses of many a memorable moments fly by our eyes. Times we were flat broke, and our pals came to our rescue, bunked classes just to watch stupid movies, accepted calls in the middle of the night, just to listen to what their girlfriends/boyfriends confessed. Many a moment we have sobbed together, laughed together; compromised so may occasions, sacrificed so many things. And how can forget those simply horrendous decisions we took.
    Today I got an opportunity to talk about friends, I must say to have good friend is the purest of all gifts, for it is love that have no exchange of payment. Friends are those who dress up your life, they help you to cross rough roads leading safely to your destination. We can’t neglect the fact that the true friend is one that’s coming in the door while everyone else is going out.
A famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson” it is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them”.
                                A Friend is a Light
                        When you walks in the Dark
                                A Friend is a Hope
                        When you are in Despair
                                A Friend is a Joy
                        When you want to Smile
                                A Friend is a Support,
                            A Trust, A Reflection
                         A Friend is a Priceless Gift.


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